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What’s to Come

Hey readers,

My posts have slowed down in the past week or so because I’ve been seriously contemplating re-launching a project I had the idea for 2-3 years ago. When I looked at different companies to implement my concept, I realized that the technology just wasn’t there for it to fit my vision. I feel that the technology is available now and will seriously be looking to get a Beta version of my new platform up and running by the end of the calendar year. If I know you personally and you have backend web development experience, you should definitely contact me ASAP.

In other news, we have a new blogger IBarimani that will be joining our team and will have his first post up within the next few days!! I am sure that you guys will love his perspective on tech related stuff.

Also, we will be launching a rebranded blog to reflect the expansion that will soon come to our blog.

Stay Tuned!!

It’s Revolution, Baby?

Nothing to see here.     Huh, you say?

Being anti-SOPA and PIPA is about the worst thing you can be.  Being anti-anything is the worst thing you can be.   Since when does focusing on the problem, solve anything?   What we give attention and energy to, adds a lot of power to that entity.   We are fighting against all these causes and bills, when we should focus on the opposite.  We should focus on hope and positivity.  We need to focus on what is good and what brings us harmony.   Not the other way around.  But the “powers” that be don’t want that at all.   They want division and separation.   It clouds everyone’s judgement and distorts the intended goal.   View full article »

Alright, here’s the deal. When people think Android, they think it’s only for nerds you can find on “Revenge of the Nerds“( For you younger folks, google it!). That’s not the case as 63% of us have significant others. The platform in 2011 branched out globally and knocked Nokia off their pedestal! As far as other overwhelming numbers, most of us Android users are the t-shirts and jeans kind. That fits me pretty much! You can check the rest of the numbers below… Enjoy!


Source [AndroidandMe]

I was really worried we weren’t going to have an NBA season this year but Santa Claus came to town with a nice holiday present! And my Bulls facing the Lakers at Staples , can’t beat that!

The really exciting part is that Sprint partnered with the NBA to give an official NBA app to us Sprint subscribers. I’ve only checked the app a couple of times but so  far so good.

The app offers exclusive NBA content with videos, news and radio access to games! I love that you can select your favorite team and when you open the app, it welcomes you to your fav teams “stuff”. The one time I tested the radio for a preseason game, it was quick to connect and it seemed pretty fluid. Honestly, I loved the NFL Sprint app before Verizon stole the contract. Sooooo I bet you guys will love it too! Check it out!

NBA Sprint App

Posted from WordPress for Android

Posted from WordPress for Android

During my absence from the blog, the Android Market reached 10 billion downloads. 10 billion downloads!! Within a 6 month period alone, the Market had 4 billion downloads. This feat is a testament to the engine that could with the Android platform. I bet if I counted how many apps I have downloaded from the Market since I’ve joined the Android platform, some people’s mouth would drop open. Developers used to first create an app for iOS (iPhone) then move on to Android. However my friend, those times are changing rather quickly. Now, I am not talking about profitability here. That’s a whole another subject for another day. Check the numbers Google was nice enough to display for us here and broke it down a bit for y’all. Enjoy!



Source [AndroidGuys]


My posts on this blog are not meant to be political in any form or fashion.  As a matter of fact, I have no affiliations with any  party or candidate.  I don’t mean to be wishy-washy. Some I like more than others but for the most part they are the same and end up being as such.  I have no formula about how I post.  One thing I know is, I am finding my stride.  Just like I did with my Orioles blog.  This is a continuation of my previous post, regarding how we are humans and not robots.  Come to think of it, a lot of my posts are roughly on the same wavelength.   I write a whole bunch of different verbiage but the theme is the same.  And it’s meant to be positive.  Technology had a big hand in how the Occupy Wall Street and subsequent groups began, developed, and eventually ended.

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Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since i’ve thought about posting or have actually posted anything. I’ve been going through personal hard times and a new job. Things are steadying a bit and I’ll have more time to dedicate to the blog. I have to give a big thanks to Ideen who has been keeping the blog alive in my absence. He’s also been getting on me to get back on it! Thanks bro. He’s been definitely posting compelling entries on our blog. Anyway, expect a few post entries from me this week! See you guys!

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We Are Not Machines

I can’t stop watching this scene from The Great Dictator.

Charlie Chaplin was the king of Silent films, but this was, in my opinion, some of the greatest dialogue ever!  What is even more fascinating, is that this was filmed in 1940.   This was before the end of World War 2, Martin Luther King, the Civil Rights Movement, Malcolm X, the fall of the Berlin Wall, before the Internet, and before 9/11.

This was over 70 years ago and is all-so-important, vital, and relevant today.   So what does this have to do with technology?  Everything.

Since I was in grade school, I have always questioned things.   Hard to believe that anyone would find anything in their textbooks questionable or misleading?  Call it intuition, delusion, or whatever.

There has always been a group of people that find something wrong with our system, our government, and the status quo.  That’s a whole bunch of terms for the same thing.

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Laziness is Not An Excuse

It’s Projection 101 from yours truly once again.

We are in the holiday season and that will lend itself to lethargic and lackadaisical behavior.    We eat a lot, drink a lot, and spend money we may not have on things we don’t need.  Not always but generally speaking.   This is a blog so I will have time for specifics later.  Just not in this post.

Does technology and all it’s conveniences help aid in you laziness?   Has it made you passive?  In a sense it has spoiled me and spoiled many of us.  I expect things to get done faster.  And I expect to do as little work as possible.   If it only takes 10 seconds then I want to it to take 9 and 8.  I am never satisfied.  If my laptop lags, I get upset.  I expect it to always work all-of-the-time.  If my Smartphone takes too long to find a number or to text someone, I get angry and curse the world.  Why are the numbers and letters taking too long (four seconds instead of one) to pop op on my screen.  Sounds healthy right?

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Too Dependent on Facebook?

I will plead the fifth on this.  But it all boils down to how often you use Facebook.

Now if you dislike your job and use it all day, I understand.   You need whatever programs (that aren’t blocked by your dictator-like company) to keep you sane and to make you happy.  Of course there are exceptions.  Some companies can’t deal with all the bandwidth, others are just horrible places to work for.

Remember, Facebook is not all YOU.  It’s only an extension of you.  But you are better off being real than the many that have profiles  that don’t match their true personalities.  And my point is made for me.   It’s good to be yourself at all times.  If you are a good-hearted and genuine person, then be that way all of the time.  Not just on your profile or only in social settings.  Or vice versa.   If you are an asshole, than be an asshole.  Being fake is a horrible character trait.  Am I overstating the obvious?  Of course.  But it’s easy to find who is hollow and transparent.  BE YOURSELF. View full article »

Thankful and Grateful.

Thanksgiving is in two days and I feel a renewed sense of life this holiday season.    For the first time in at least a few years I am hopeful.   I always have been optimistic and then deflated from time-to-time by the world around me.  This is the world I created.  As we all have this power to do attract good or otherwise.  Seriously.  And as always, we should be say ‘thanks’, over the course of the year and our entire lives.  Not just over a month, or a one time thing.    It makes a world of difference, in someone else’s life and your own.

What does this have to do with technology?  A lot.  I wouldn’t be able to write this blog post a few years ago.  I would not be a member of Facebook, unless I was in college or not at all.    We wouldn’t have YouTube to enjoy any video or audio track, we so desire.    We would not have electronic mail to make communication that much easier; between family, friends, hiring managers, and businesses.  Which leads to online shopping.   We can literally buy anything we want with a few keystrokes.   This should not be trivialized.   Who thought sometime like eBay would ever come into existence?  The Internet is our friend and our playground.  We can make a living using the World Wide Web.   In a lot of cases, we never have to leave home.  But that isn’t always for the best.  There is still a joy and simplicity in going out to do the things we enjoy.  I could go on and on, and in future posts I will.   There is a lot to be thankful for.   And not just during the holidays.

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