What’s up y’all? I am happy to already see people come visit my blog and hopefully keep coming back and participate more. I often get texts or phone calls asking me questions like– what cellphone to buy? which carrier has the best plan? how do i do this on my phone? Well, I will now be answering your questions one day of the week. Questions can be about anything tech-related but my expertise is in the mobile industry and social media. I am thinking I will be answering your questions on Wednesday or Sunday. I will be  selecting up to 5 questions to answer on that day.

UPDATE 9/13/11:

Hey guys I am continuing to see readership growth! Thank you!!! I am already getting an increased volume of texts and calls about tech questions or feedback as a result. This is the reason I am offering a couple of question days a week where i can answer some of your critical questions. This will also help others that might have the same concerns. And I’d appreciate it if you guys could also leave your feedback directly on the blog posts or reshare them from there. It definitely helps our blog in many ways, especially through search engines and reader participation.You can use your twitter or facebook credentials to comment.Look right under the comment box– it’s real quick and easy! Thanks a bunch everyone!

Also there are some new bloggers that will be joining the blog in the next few weeks. Look out for them!!

How to ask you questions:

Tweet me @benwizzi
Post on my facebook wall Benwizzi

You can send start sending your questions in now!