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You might not agree with me but I’ll tell you for a fact they are trembling on their pedestal right now. Have you seen all the recent changes they have made to their interface? Google+ has become the fastest growing network ever! And Facebook is worried. They definitely don’t want to become the next MySpace which was recently bought from The News Corporation(NewsCorp) for kibbles and bits. Just $30 million. Back in its heyday, MySpace was originally bought by NewsCorp for $580 million. Oh MY! This happened because MySpace’s ego was seriously inflated and thought they were “too big to fail”. Facebook knows this, man! They’re the ones who gave MySpace that Mike Tyson knockout blow. They’ve been crawling ever since. I will leave MySpace alone but before I do that, I’ll just say that Justin Timberlake is an investor in the latest MySpace attempt at revival. Let’s see if he can” bring sexy” back to them!

Back to Facebook. Many of the changes they are making are in direct response to Google+ features. The most obvious are the privacy controls. People have complained about them for a loooong time now but Facebook didn’t give a shit. They had the monopoly. Who could stop them? Hi5?MySpace?Orkut? Now Google+ comes out and explodes. And users love their clear privacy controls that are not hidden the bottom of Pacific Ocean somewhere. Now Facebook is changing their tune that internet  privacy doesn’t exist anymore. They are somewhat right but you should still have some type of control on your own online identity. The one feature I love the most is the option to approve photo tags. No more waking up to find yourself tagged in an embarrassing picture. Go check your privacy controls and you’ll see what I mean.

Other changes are mostly aesthetic.

The photo viewer has finally been revamped from that ugly black box popping up to look at pictures. Man I hated that. Now it’s a white box that just feels and looks right. However, it’s still not easy to read comments on the pic you are viewing.

The ticker. Yea, the new stalking tool that you might’ve seen on the right of your screen. I only saw  it for one day and it has now disappeared. That’s actually going backwards with all the efforts they’re making with their privacy controls. There was no way to not share your every actions from the privacy control settings.

They have shut down Places and are incorporating the feature directly into post with the same option to tag your friends too. Honestly, I’ll stick to FourSquare for my check-in purposes but to each his own. Do what you do. At least I sometimes get some good deals on FourSquare. The other day, I checked into a bar in Bethesda,MD and got 15% off on any appetizer. I’ll take that.

Other minor aesthetic changes were made that most people don’t notice. I mostly catch them with my graphic/web design experience.

All I know, Facebook is feeling the heat and are making sure they stay on top. I love the competition. Step your game up or you’ll be calling NEXT!!

UPDATE: Just after posting this, I click on a commented pic and noticed that Facebook has fixed the scrolling issue when viewing comments on that pic.