Rooting your Android will give you full root access to modify your phone and enhance your user experience. You’ll be able to fully customize the look of your phone and fully take advantage of the hardware that comes with it– the same way you have full control of your pc computer.(i.e. Admin user controls) That’s it in a nutshell.

Before I say why I decided rooting, let me talk about my experience with purchasing my first Android phone. I upgraded to the Samsung Moment in January 2010. I had to have a physical keyboard because all my phones since 2005 had one. I was very excited about this. I hadn’t had a smartphone in a couple of years and it was about time to give up on those “messaging” devices. The phone was very cool at first but then the headaches started. Battery life was terrible, I mean terrible!! I had constant problems with receiving or sending text messages,  phone calls and airplane would always turn itself on without my input. My job at the time thought I was bullshitting about those issues but oh well! And to top it off, my GPS always stopped working when I needed it the most.  Honestly, it rarely found my location. A couple of maintenance, partially fixed the airplane mode and text & calls issues. However, by that summer most popular Android phones were getting updated to Android OS 2.1(Eclair) while my phone was indefinitely stuck on Android OS 1.5 (Cupcake). Not even 1.6(Donut). With all my earlier frustrations with my Moment and having already replaced it once, I decided I had nothing to lose. I wanted to upgrade my OS to Eclair!! NOW!!!

Samsung Moment

Samsung Moment

When you root your phone for the first time, you worry about bricking (permanently broken) it. I went on a few forums and finally found that supported the Moment and kept reading to know what I was getting myself into. There was always the disclaimer: If you break your phone, we’re not liable for– You’re shit out of luck!! At the time, rooting was also considered illegal. However, the feedback from SDX members having rooted and upgraded to Eclair was very positive. The developers had fixed most of the issues and constantly dedicated their time to improve the phone as much as possible. That’s usually the work of the manufacturer and carrier but I digress.

Now it’s time!! I got this. I’m ready! I won’t break my phone! I start the rooting process which involves installing the Android SDK, the Moment drivers on your PC which took forever to do. Got it! Make sure USB Debugging is on, boot your phone to Download Mode . Got it!  Now I need to flash this 2.1 Eclair stock ROM using the Samsung tool SWUpgrade. Follow screen instructions, connect usb cable to my phone and with my eyes closed, I hit Download. It starts the process and I am like “Yea, baby!! This wasn’t so hard, now was it!! I got this!”. And then in mid process something goes wrong and my phone gets stuck on this screen. Really stuck!!

Not good!

FUUCK!!! I bricked my phone! Shit. Will the insurance cover this, doubt it! Daaamn!!! I try to stay calm and get help from SDX Members and Developers(Devs). I find out that there is a difference between perm-brick and semi-brick. Mine is semi-brick which means I can save it. Phewww. With the SDX devs help, I am able to finally finish the flashing process. Then I flash the kernel that roots the phone and I am good to go! And that was the beginning of my rooting crusade.

Flash forward to today and rooting is almost like waking up and going to take a piss. For a guy, it doesn’t always work out right but it always finds its way to the toilet bowl. Hmmmmm. Now I’ve rooted: Samsung Moment, Samsung Intercept, Samsung Transform, Samsung Vibrant,Motorola Droid X and  Google Nexus S/S 4G. I now use a rooted Nexus S 4G with CM7 and this slick theme from !!