If you’re a student or working professional that carries a USB key for whatever reason, you know how much of a nightmare it is when you misplaced that usb key on your way to that important event. Dropbox is here to save you. With Dropbox, you are able to have access to your files from almost anywhere– your pc, your phone or on their website. It now supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iPadiPhone, Android and BlackBerry. And to top it off, it is free to sign up!! You are given 2GB free to begin using their service with different options to increase that space. Dropbox also uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption to protect your files. If you click here to sign up, you’ll get a gift from me of an extra 250MB of free space. Install the pc software, follow the instructions and put a few files in your Dropbox to see how it’ll work with your phone. Come on, get to it!!

Now that you know what Dropbox is and you’re setup, let’s get into their Android app offering.

The first time you open the Dropbox app, you’ll be greeted by welcome screen with 2 options “I’m already a Dropbox user” or “I’m new to Dropbox”. I recommend using my link up there to take advantage of the extra space.

Welcome Screen

Assuming you do so and click on the 1st option, you’ll reach the login screen. Enter your credentials and you’re in!

Login Screen

And BOOM!! Your files and folders appear immediately. Everybody has always keeps their phone on them right? Go throw that usb key in the trash now. Thank you very much! At this point, it almost works like your basic file manager where you can see file types and thumbnails for images.

File Manager

Thumbnail Previews

Find the file you need, long press it and you’ll be given these options: Open, Download, Share…, Delete. Download the file to your device and you’re good to go for your presentation whether you’re using your Android phone or tablet. And you can then access your files from your normal file manager app in the Dropbox folder on your device’s memory or SD card. Easy right? You can also do a normal tap on the file to download and it will immediately open the file will the corresponding app. For example, download a PDF file and it automatically open in your favorite PDF reader. That is good integration right there!! Be careful using the delete option, it will delete the file from the Dropbox server and it’ll be as good as gone! However there are 2 major drawbacks with the app at this point, you cannot multi-select files to download and cannot select a folder to download. I think I remember reading somewhere that it was for security reasons but I don’t get. Those features have been highly requested from users.

Long Press Screen



When you hit the menu button on your device, you’ll see these options: Search, New, Upload, Refresh, Help, Settings.

Menu options

In the Settings screen, you’ll see information about your Dropbox account, an About section, an Uploads section and an Advanced features section. From here, you can pass code lock your app or unlink the Dropbox from your device. In the Advanced features, you can see your cache size and clear it. The Show file status icon will just show a green icon when your device is done downloading a file.

Settings screen

Settings screen

Settings screen

There doesn’t seem to be any bugs and the app performs fast and efficiently when dealing with file transfers. And that’s pretty much it. I hope this will help save you from future headaches when you forget that usb key containing your CIA confidential files.