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What’s to Come

Hey readers,

My posts have slowed down in the past week or so because I’ve been seriously contemplating re-launching a project I had the idea for 2-3 years ago. When I looked at different companies to implement my concept, I realized that the technology just wasn’t there for it to fit my vision. I feel that the technology is available now and will seriously be looking to get a Beta version of my new platform up and running by the end of the calendar year. If I know you personally and you have backend web development experience, you should definitely contact me ASAP.

In other news, we have a new blogger IBarimani that will be joining our team and will have his first post up within the next few days!! I am sure that you guys will love his perspective on tech related stuff.

Also, we will be launching a rebranded blog to reflect the expansion that will soon come to our blog.

Stay Tuned!!

I will tell you I have an obsession with Google Chrome extensions just like I did with Firefox before. Unfortunately, Firefox suffered from serious initial load up times and other hiccups. I think that I am starting to have the same issues with Chrome too. However, I have gotten so accustomed to using these extensions that I can’t live without them. I will share some of these with you today!


The Web of Trust extension shows you which websites people trust for safe surfing, shopping and searching on the web.

This has to be on everyone browser. It’s an added protection against going on a virus infested website. All these virus links people post on Facebook everyday shows me a red circle that they’re not safe and all I have to do is avoid them. Pretty easy!!

 Google Share Button

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My New PC setup

(First post done straight from WordPress Android app)

I’ve had my desktop PC for 2 years now and always said I would add a second monitor. I finally decided to walk the walk.

Let me preface this by saying I am not a hardware guy. So when I went to Micro Center to check out monitors, I didn’t even think to check the back of the PC unit to make sure I had what I needed. I ended up getting a 20inch HP S2031 for a nice bargain deal. When I got home to set it up, I realized the graphics card that came with the PC didn’t have the necessary inputs. I had asked the Micro Center rep about that and he told me all PCs come equipped. Again, not a hardware guy.

Ok, I returned to Micro Center to see what my options were. I ended getting the best deal I could on an Asus EAH5450 Silent graphics card. The specs are 512m DDR2, full directx 11 support, HDMI, windows 7 ready. It did take awhile to put on my PC motherboard because I am a little stupid and didn’t realize that I had an extra bracket to make the graphics card fit on there.


After going through that process, I finally got everything setup and the rest is history. I love it! Phase 1 is complete.

Posted from WordPress for Android

Here we go again with some pro-Android statistics. You cannot escape the facts and numbers brought to you Nielsen. Looking at the survey of recent acquirers of operating systems, you can clearly see that Android is continuing to put it’s foot down and taking over the mobile market at 43% with 56% in the past 3 months. Blackberry seriously need to get their QNX platform on the shelves before it’s too late. For the past 3 months, they only account for 9% of recent acquirers in the past 3 months whereas they are now at 18% of overall subscribers. Clock is ticking guys and the competition isn’t letting up! iOS is staying steady with their niche market numbers. They hold 28% of the overall subscribers shares and stay at the same percentage for shares of recent acquirers. And with the introduction of a new iPhone 4S or 5 on Oct. 4th, those numbers may increase very quickly.

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CM7 Theme Of The Week (39) [Themes]

Here’s my pick for this week’s CM7 Theme of the Week, Crystal. There are so blue-colored themes out there but this one is very clean and complete. Once again, I have personally tested this theme. I changed themes way too much. It’s an addiction that I need to get help for! There are additional morphs that can be found on the theme thread here Enjoy guys!

Click Image for Market Link

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More Pokes At Facebook’s New Makeover [Humor]

I’ll let these speak for themselves!

Source [Someecards, Endlessorigami]

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Facebook has worked hard to give their platform a whole new look. Usually, Facebook has made small tweaks here and there. However, this is a huge step to make their platform more seamless and complete. The changes are so involved that there has been the usual backlash when FB makes changes. Personally, I find all these changes necessary for them to evolve and keep up with the technologies that are available. I will dive in and show you what’s coming and an insight to understand why.

This is the screen you will see when first upgrading your profile to the Timeline. (Probably without the Developer Release headline)

Clicking on Learn More will Continue reading

Image representing Zynga as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

If you haven’t heard of Zynga games then you are probably one of those people that’s too cool for Facebook. Zynga has released the most popular games on the biggest social network on the planet. From Farmville to Cityville, you have surely either played one of those games or seen your friends activities from them pop up on your news feed.

Now Zynga is going mobile with this same type of addictive games that have given them success before. With the advent of Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends on the android market, Zynga is putting their footprint in mobile gaming with this same social network integration you would expect from them. You can connect your Zynga accounts from each game to your Twitter or Facebook accounts. I’ve been playing Words with Friends for a Continue reading

Here’s quick video of Mark Zuckerberg going over the new ‘Timeline” feature and a look into another profile revamp! It looks like a natural evolution of their platform and it looks good!

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