More and more people are getting their hand on all-purpose smartphones on U.S soil. At this time last year, smartphones accounted for 25 percent of the mobile market. Enter today, they have grown to 40 percent of the market, according to Nielsen. As the price of smartphones continue to decrease, expect these number to increase rather quickly within the next year or so.

U.S. Mobile Market

Q2 2011

Now looking at the smartphone OS share, it gets interesting. Comparing this quarters numbers to last year’s show that the game is very serious! You can look at the graphic below(Q2 2010) to see what I am talking about. In 2010, RIM  Blackberry OS was running the show at 35% with iPhone’s iOS creeping in 2nd with 28%. Windows Mobile was falling off faaaast at the expense of Android OS. Press Live on your remote control and things have been flipped around. Android OS has taken an assertive lead with 40% share of the smartphone market with iOS basically staying put at 28%. RIM has struggled to keep up with the competition, slow to implement their new QNX OS into their product line. Microsoft has swiftly changed their strategy from Windows Mobile OS to Windows Phone OS. They were a bit late to realize they needed to innovate quicker but they will have a change to gain some market share with their new partnership with Nokia’s hardware. And also, at the expense of the other struggling OSes out there. It’s a tough battle out there. Android is slapping the competition around but if you’ve heard about all the lawsuits going around, some people are bringing their artillery to a fist fight!! Can we all just get along?

Q2 2010


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Source [Nielsen]