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Last week, I told you guys about my experience rooting my first android phone. It was nerve-racking moment if you can remember but that’s nothing compared to what comes next. Today I’ll talk about how things went for me and give you some tips.

So basically you’ve rooted your phone and now you’re looking up and down on the forums to find what to do next. You see ROMs, kernels, themes, root apps but where do you start and what the hell are these people talking about on these forums?!? Sometimes you are even scared to ask a question. Someone might curse you out or put you in check to make sure you search the forums before asking one. Many forums are well-organized. First thing to do is looking for a stickied post at the top of the thread saying something like “Noob Guide” or “List of ROMs, Kernels” or anything about tips for beginners.

From here, you should be able to find a list of ROMs and kernels usually. But ummm what’s a ROM? Not to get too technical, a ROM is basically a modified Operating System for your phone. Think about it this way: when you modify Windows OS like registry files or add extra functionality to it, you are modifying the ROM. The kernel would be what controls your hardware like your processor, graphics cards etc.

I’ll leave you here for now and go over more details within the next few days.