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I want to start by telling those people who know I am a hardcore Android guy; I look at the facts(or rumors) and state what I see. It’s my opinion and you are allowed to have your own. And by looking at the FACTS, the iPhone 5 is not just hype. Honestly, the iPhone 5 has the potential to be the first REAL upgrade from the original iPhone. That’s what competition does. iPhone+3G+8GB=iPhone 3G+the letter S+16GB=iPhone 3GS. There were a few other tweaks with software & hardware but nothing major. iPhone 4 had antenna hardware problems right off the bat but no true multi-tasking!?!? WTF?? Even the dead WebOS can do that, c’mon…And no flash? seriously?

The hype is for real 3 fold and I will even skip over how different the new look of the iPhone might be and other minor specs. True Multitasking. Dual Core Processor/4G. And wait for it……FLASH!!! Yes Adobe Flash so now you won’t cry when you can’t watch a video on that mobile site on your phone.(Please no porn, Steve Jobs says Apple products aren’t for that nonsense!)

With true multitasking, I won’t get too technical. Your PC does it. Android does it. Your brain does it. Why can’t your iPhone do it?! 4G first appeared on a smartphone in summer 2010 on the EVO 4G. Dual core processor since earlier this year I believe. And Flash?!?! I mean do you even need me to explain this one. No, you don’t. And if you do, child please!! But I’ll say this much, the process to deliver Flash to iPhone or iPad products will be different and more efficient they say. Big plus, it won’t be as taxing on your CPU or battery life! Bring that over to Android ASAP!!

iPhone revolutionized the smartphone market similarly to what they did in pc and mp3 player markets. And Android did a Microsoft and shook up the global cellphone market; to the point that Nokia is falling off and faaaaast!! All in all, Apple recognize game and knows that today Android phones have a leg up on iPhones. They went back to the drawing board, studied where the game was at… Now, they’re getting ready to drop their knowledge with the iPhone 5. Get ready to wait in line or get your pre-order somewhere!!

Source: [IBTimes]