This is an interesting study brought to you by Nielsen. According to the study, it seems like the top 6 used Android apps are the same for men & women. However, Google Maps & Google Search drop to 4th & 5th in the women from 2nd & 4th, respectively. While on the other hand, Facebook jumps from 5th in the men’s’ to 2nd in the women’s which doesn’t surprise me honestly.

When you go further down, similar apps appear in both gender
specific studies. A couple notable stats; Angry Birds & Pandora Radio still seems very popular to all users placed at 8th on all of them. Google+ definitely seems more popular to the guys with a 15.9% share vs the 7.2% for the women. Word with Friends & Kindle, however, are more popular in the female study with 20.3% and 14.8% vs 12.2% and 10.2% for the male side.

All in all, many of these stats make sense. But it’s always fun to see the stats. Enjoy!

Source[Nielsen Wire]