The other day, I had my first golf lesson that actually got rained out and cut 10 minutes short. It went pretty well. I am actually further along to getting my swing straight than I originally thought. I am not sure if my coach was hyping my head up or not but regardless I learned so much in that short 50 minute lesson. But I definitely found a cool app that he used to shoot a video of my swing. Of course, he had to pick one of my worst swings of the lesson as you can see below.(I wasn’t supposed to do a full swing here)

The app is V1 Golf app. He took the video with his iPhone 4 and emailed it to me on the spot. When I got home later, downloaded the video, checked if it was on the android market, found it and downloaded it. Then, I imported the video to my V1 Android app and proceeded to check it out. Once there, I could analyze my golf swing video with different features which is very cool. You can also look up other golfers swing and golf drills. I will probably write up a more complete review at some point but for now go check it out for yourself!

V1 Golf for Android

Use [Market Link] or QR Code below