Facebook has worked hard to give their platform a whole new look. Usually, Facebook has made small tweaks here and there. However, this is a huge step to make their platform more seamless and complete. The changes are so involved that there has been the usual backlash when FB makes changes. Personally, I find all these changes necessary for them to evolve and keep up with the technologies that are available. I will dive in and show you what’s coming and an insight to understand why.

This is the screen you will see when first upgrading your profile to the Timeline. (Probably without the Developer Release headline)

Clicking on Learn More will give you a look into the new look which is the route I am taking with you. As you can see below, I am given the option to start publishing my new Timeline feature and do whatever I want. From here you can already see that the my profile has received a substantial facelift.

New Facebook Timeline Tour

The next step is to add your Cover Image to the backdrop header of your profile. On my monitor, I measured that image to be about 851px by 314px if you want it to be a perfect fit. You can use an image from the pictures in your Facebook account already or upload a new one.

New Cover Image

Next, you will see the section under your Cover Image where you can get access to your friends lists, your images, map checkins (I assume as I never use Facebook checkins) and likes. When you click on the dropdown menu button on the right of this section, you will be able to get access to more of your profile stuff.

You will then be shown how to get access to your activity log. Once there, you have a view of a private log of your activity. You can then look at specific posts and tweak your privacy features. You can control practically everything in your activity Timeline so if you worried about privacy, do your due diligence and you’ll be fine for the most part.

Activity Log

Then, you get to “Rediscover your top stories”. This is pretty big part of the new look. You can easily go down your Timeline and see a history of your activity– the further in the past you go, the more your history gets summarized. And if your privacy controls are not done right, anyone (i.e. current or future employer etc) can easily access your activity on Facebook since you joined. You can go as far back to the day you were born as you can see in the 3rd image below.

Rediscover Top Stories

Timeline Birth

The last part of the tour shows you how you can edit posts directly on your Timeline. You can feature specific posts on your timeline that will expand them to the whole section.

Final Part of New Timeline Tour

Basically after all that, this is what my profile looks like now. If you pay attention, you can actually spot my Spotify music listening activity which is also a new feature(see what I did there?). Spotify has come of beta and is now open to everyone and for 6 months won’t have a monthly cap for free accounts.

So, from today, there’ll be no more Spotify Open. Everybody who listens to Spotify for free will simply have a Spotify account.

All Spotify accounts come with a 6-month time-limit honeymoon! During this time, there’s no limit to the amount of ad-supported music you can enjoy. After 6 months, you’ll be limited to 10 hours of streaming a month and a 5-play limit for any individual track. Unless, of course, you’ve subscribed by then!

New Facebook Profile Timeline