Here we go again with some pro-Android statistics. You cannot escape the facts and numbers brought to you Nielsen. Looking at the survey of recent acquirers of operating systems, you can clearly see that Android is continuing to put it’s foot down and taking over the mobile market at 43% with 56% in the past 3 months. Blackberry seriously need to get their QNX platform on the shelves before it’s too late. For the past 3 months, they only account for 9% of recent acquirers in the past 3 months whereas they are now at 18% of overall subscribers. Clock is ticking guys and the competition isn’t letting up! iOS is staying steady with their niche market numbers. They hold 28% of the overall subscribers shares and stay at the same percentage for shares of recent acquirers. And with the introduction of a new iPhone 4S or 5 on Oct. 4th, those numbers may increase very quickly.

Operating System Share

The second study reveals at what rate consumers are adopting smartphones. No surprises here really. People are buying more and more smartphone and dropping their dumbphones in the trash. Quick side note- Try to find a place to get your old phones recycled, it is a big eco problem. Look at your carrier, specialty recycling companies. I’ve previously used to get rid of an old cellphone and got cash for it. Not that hard! Ok that’s out-of-the-way now, let’s look at these numbers real quick. Looking at the 3 month smartphone penetration, you can see that consumers are indeed buying more cellphones at quicker pace with 58% in August 2011. Overall the smartphone penetration is continually growing from 27% in August 2010 to 43% in August of this year. Hey look up, you’re about to hit a pole. Yup, everywhere you go people are doing something with their smartphone. It’s a mobile jungle out there!


Smartphone Penetration

Source [Nielsen Wire]