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I’ve had my desktop PC for 2 years now and always said I would add a second monitor. I finally decided to walk the walk.

Let me preface this by saying I am not a hardware guy. So when I went to Micro Center to check out monitors, I didn’t even think to check the back of the PC unit to make sure I had what I needed. I ended up getting a 20inch HP S2031 for a nice bargain deal. When I got home to set it up, I realized the graphics card that came with the PC didn’t have the necessary inputs. I had asked the Micro Center rep about that and he told me all PCs come equipped. Again, not a hardware guy.

Ok, I returned to Micro Center to see what my options were. I ended getting the best deal I could on an Asus EAH5450 Silent graphics card. The specs are 512m DDR2, full directx 11 support, HDMI, windows 7 ready. It did take awhile to put on my PC motherboard because I am a little stupid and didn’t realize that I had an extra bracket to make the graphics card fit on there.


After going through that process, I finally got everything setup and the rest is history. I love it! Phase 1 is complete.

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