I am having a great time writing on here.  I must say thanks to Benwizzi!  This is creative and brilliant.   As I have started to post on here, I realize I could make a myriad of posts, and they will all interconnect.

When I mean blackout.  I mean when your phone dies.   I am not breaking out the doomsayer discussions just yet.  They’ve been going on for years and we’re still here right?  😉

I will start by saying, I am not referencing anyone specifically.  But the earlier you go out to drink, eat, be social with your friends, the greater the chance your phone will die.  Did you forget to bring your charger?  Refer back to the bringing your charger to the bar post I made.  It’s on this blog.

We go out to have fun and feel good.  Well that is the intent isn’t it?  Isn’t that why we were put here on this planet.  To feel good and to be happy?  Well I hope so.    The social interactions with each other when we go out have changed drastically.  And this has rapidly exploded in the past decade or so.

Presumably when you are already out with a group of friends, you should be content and happy right?  But how come we see more folks texting, not even calling, other people to see what is going on?   I have, in the past, been personally accused of looking for the better option at night.  As if the current people I am hanging out with are not good enough.    I have heard this trait accusation on other people as well.  I like to think I have gotten better, and just go with the flow now.  All that texting (and sometimes calling) people drains the battery.  Now if you are bored, then why did you come out in the first place.  Well something is better than nothing or staying at home right?

When your Smartphone is on it’s last legs and finally dies.  Is that really the end of the world?  I have seen some emotional breakdowns.  Then there is a calming period, where everything seems ok.  You learn to adapt.  You recall times where you and others went out without electronic devices and technological gadgets.  There may be the occasional using another friend’s mobile to make a call or text.  But at the point, there is almost a sense of peace and closure.   Nothing is going to be as bad as it seems.   You tend to become more at ease, more blissful, and appreciate the company around you.      And isn’t that why you spend time with people in the first place?  🙂