For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of professional wrestling.   When I was little, I equally watched the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) now known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), along with a slew of other wrestling companies.  There were the guys I worshiped and the guys I loathed.   For a short time, I did believe it was real.  Then I woke up.  For the past 20 years, I have become a fan of the inside of the business.  (real names, salaries, backstage politics, advanced storylines,, etc.)  And I have seen the ups and downs.   If you want me to talk about wrestling, I will do that another time.  But  this has to do with the recent company’s interest and now obsession with Twitter.

I am already perturbed with the term ‘Social Media’, but it’s hear to stay.   But the WWE felt it was necessary to join in the frenzy.  And if it’s good for business then more to them.   It has worked in small doses.  After pay-per-views or during Monday Night Raw and Smackdown; they promote topics, wrestler names, or other items that are trending topics on Twitter.   A decent amount of wrestlers in the company have accounts on there.

It was ok at first.  Now it’s taking away from the product.  The announcers are discussing trending topics and followers more so than the wrestling match going on in the ring.  There are the big blue graphics which promote which wrestler or related item is “trending”.   These terms are aggravating me as I type them.  Not everyone cares about who is tweeting or if such-and-such wrestler can get to a million followers by the end of the program.   There is a storyline between two commentators having a tweeting war!  Are you kidding me?  Apparently it’s not good enough to have it in the ring or physically on the air.  It has to be via an online platform.   Idiocy.

I used Twitter to promote my Baltimore Orioles Blog, All 81 and now I use the service to now promote Technerdmafia.   If it’s used for good than more power to you.  It it becomes overkill and crammed down your throats, it will be thrown back up.  If you show that you don’t care about your product (and it could be anything, wrestling is a prime example to use here) than no one else will.

For some people Facebook is enough.  There is only so much a person can or wants to use via online and Social Media.  For some the Internet, World Wide Web and the aforementioned Facebook is all they can take.  Sometimes it’s all I can take.   When things become convoluted and congested, it starts to feel like work.  Even the simplicities of the Internet can feel overwhelming if you have to use too many services to feel connected.

I am going to investigate if other sports and entertainment shows do the same thing.   There is already an over-emphasis on fantasy football statistics during National Football League games, which is bordering on obnoxious.   Twitter should not overshadow the actual product.  Five years ago I would not be writing about this.

The WWE plans to expand their mention of Twitter early next year.  This will coincide with their bigger pay-per-views, the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.   The impression I get is that the company wants to make you feel as if you have to join Twitter, or you are left out.  It’s like any form of advertising.  You have to be compelled to buy it.   It either has to make you feel good or makes you feel bad, but you will better if you buy this.  I’m not buying it.   Sometimes less is more.

To be continued..