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Too Dependent on Facebook?

I will plead the fifth on this.  But it all boils down to how often you use Facebook.

Now if you dislike your job and use it all day, I understand.   You need whatever programs (that aren’t blocked by your dictator-like company) to keep you sane and to make you happy.  Of course there are exceptions.  Some companies can’t deal with all the bandwidth, others are just horrible places to work for.

Remember, Facebook is not all YOU.  It’s only an extension of you.  But you are better off being real than the many that have profiles  that don’t match their true personalities.  And my point is made for me.   It’s good to be yourself at all times.  If you are a good-hearted and genuine person, then be that way all of the time.  Not just on your profile or only in social settings.  Or vice versa.   If you are an asshole, than be an asshole.  Being fake is a horrible character trait.  Am I overstating the obvious?  Of course.  But it’s easy to find who is hollow and transparent.  BE YOURSELF. Continue reading

Thankful and Grateful.

Thanksgiving is in two days and I feel a renewed sense of life this holiday season.    For the first time in at least a few years I am hopeful.   I always have been optimistic and then deflated from time-to-time by the world around me.  This is the world I created.  As we all have this power to do attract good or otherwise.  Seriously.  And as always, we should be say ‘thanks’, over the course of the year and our entire lives.  Not just over a month, or a one time thing.    It makes a world of difference, in someone else’s life and your own.

What does this have to do with technology?  A lot.  I wouldn’t be able to write this blog post a few years ago.  I would not be a member of Facebook, unless I was in college or not at all.    We wouldn’t have YouTube to enjoy any video or audio track, we so desire.    We would not have electronic mail to make communication that much easier; between family, friends, hiring managers, and businesses.  Which leads to online shopping.   We can literally buy anything we want with a few keystrokes.   This should not be trivialized.   Who thought sometime like eBay would ever come into existence?  The Internet is our friend and our playground.  We can make a living using the World Wide Web.   In a lot of cases, we never have to leave home.  But that isn’t always for the best.  There is still a joy and simplicity in going out to do the things we enjoy.  I could go on and on, and in future posts I will.   There is a lot to be thankful for.   And not just during the holidays.

Continue reading

Caught In A Good Romance?

I don’t want to make any blanket or generic reviews of any online dating sites.   I just want to gloss over the positives and negatives of these sites.

I am a member of, but have not been a subscriber in a few years.  I have been on plenty of dates but  Continue reading

You Can Never Have Enough ‘Facebook’ Friends?

This is not a race.   Not a competition.  And not a battle.   For most of us, we don’t allow that to be so.   However, there is something in our subconscious that may say otherwise. Continue reading

Back In The Cellphone Game!

Well people, I am now working for Sprint directly and I will be limited as far as what I can share on the company itself and our competition. I will still be posting on the wireless industry but my post will be much more balanced than they have been on the past. The good news is I won’t have to stop my blog but I will have less time to dedicate to it. The transition to our new blog has been delayed due to personal reasons and the new job. It will still go down within the next week or two so stay tuned!!! That’s all for now folks!!

Talking On The Phone = Boring?

I speak personally on this one.   A lot of my peers do not like talking on their phones anymore.  Maybe they never actually did? Continue reading

Hospitals Need To Up Their Tech Game!

I’ve practically been living in Suburban hospital for the past 2 weeks for personal reasons and found myself subconsciously paying attention to how the technology was used there. I noticed some good things and many things I believe hospitals, especially “top-notch” ones, could do better! Whenever critiquing a hospital, I want to emphasize that we are all grateful for hospital staff and the work they do on a daily basis. Saving lives is the toughest job on this planet. So this post is not knocking hospitals but more on improving what they already do.

First thing, I noticed that phone reception in the hospital was atrocious. I mean really atrocious! It was always hit or miss on getting phone calls or making them also. You had to find the right spot of a room or the hospital to get reception and be able to use your phone. Not the best time to have your phone crapping out when you need to get in touch with loved ones at such a time. Text messaging worked better even if sometimes texts were delayed. I am not sure if this was because I use Google Voice for text messaging or not. I sometimes had to go outside just to have a conversation. I think cell phone towers need to be in close range of such facilities to make sure people can stay in touch in such situations. Or get a wireless card or mobile hotspot but I am not sure how efficient that would even be. By the way, I am talking about Sprint mostly because that’s my carrier. However, AT&T and T-Mobile were about the same or worse. Verizon was the best in this case but I won’t get into details on why they are on this post.

Now, your cellphone reception sucks so you assume you can switch to the hospital WiFi and you’ll be fine right? Nope. The WiFi was sometimes even worse than my cellphone reception. Seriously!! My little brother who’s good in IT stuff said they probably need to rework their access points and routers to be more efficient. This is something hospitals, especially upper echelon ones like Suburban Hospital, need to get on point. A hospital staff member mentioned herself that she cannot stand the WiFi at Suburban and that it was too unreliable to do any real work there.

Now this is a tricky topic and it is something that I hear is being implemented in hospitals already. Doctors in hospitals are very very busy and it is sometimes hard to be able to keep with all patients assigned to them especially on crazy busy days. My thought is when a patient is out of ICU and coherent, all hospitals should implement a Skype type communications to every room to communicate with their patients if they are unable to physically attend to them on that specific day or night. That’s a way that you can make the patient feel more comfortable that you are thinking about them and keeping them up to date on their prognosis or status. The expense to do this is actually pretty minimal once it is initially setup up. The cost will mainly come from bandwidth traffic.

Alright, this is maybe nit-picking but there has to be a better way to move a patient from one bed or room to another. Don’t ya think?

There is room to daydream and visualize.    I was one of those people who would obsess over my various fantasy sports (baseball, football, basketball).  And I did win a decent amount of leagues.  Some were lucrative payouts.  Unfortunately, it came with another kind of price. Continue reading

Next Time I’ll Use Brown Rice

The Saturday before Halloween, I became part of the not-so-exclusive club that has become victims of dropping their phone in the toilet.  Ordinarily, I would panic and act as if the world was coming to an end.   Continue reading

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