The Saturday before Halloween, I became part of the not-so-exclusive club that has become victims of dropping their phone in the toilet.  Ordinarily, I would panic and act as if the world was coming to an end.    It only stayed in the toilet for a few seconds before I grabbed it out.  It was already flushed and I made sure to wash my hands immediately, of course.  My Droid X was on its last legs to begin with.

Now why was I on my phone will using the facilities?  Actually the phone fell out of my costume, and as I was finishing my business, it plopped right into the bowl.   It happens to some of us.   Now luckily I heard about using white rice to soak out the water.   I was a friends house and he did have some plastic baggies and white rice.   My knucklehead-ass only let it sit there for a few minutes, before trying to restart my phone again.  Now short-term that did work, but the slow death was impending.  Less and less programs and controls were working.   Too late to find out that I should have left it in the bag overnight.  That ship has sailed.

I am happy to have friends who are able to help me in that instance.   So I do have a new Android or Smartphone and got it at a affordable rate.   Going through Verizon Wireless by itself would have cost me at least $300.

I tell you though, I didn’t mind not having a phone for a couple of days.   I was able to function more and be more productive.  Now that I have my phone again it’s back to the status quo.  And I am disappointed in myself for that.

I got more reading, studying, and self evaluation done in the last couple of days, than I have in a while.   It speaks volumes to if technology has made us more advanced or lazier.  Or probably both.

I will have more comments on this at a later time.   And I do love my new phone!