I speak personally on this one.   A lot of my peers do not like talking on their phones anymore.  Maybe they never actually did?

E-mail, Text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Skype, Foursquare, the ye olde AOL Instant Messager (AIM),  and so many other messaging services has made talking on the phone feel archaic and extremely boring.  But has this all been in the making for some time?

They are still called cellular or mobile phones, but the last thing many of us want to use it for is that.  Personally for me, if the call goes for more than a few minutes, it’s becoming a chore.   What you could say on the phone, you can say in person.  Or better yet, say it in a Facebook thread.   You get so much more accomplished in a shorter amount of time.   Hands-free, Blue-tooth, etc. notwithstanding, but holding a phone to your ear can be laborious and a drag.

I have friends who get upset with me because I return their phone calls via Social Media.   They take offense.  They feel as I am being weird.   Don’t get me wrong, there is a need for phones.

In those confining offices that many of us work, we need to make and receive important calls regarding corporate policy, and the next meeting which will lead to the next meeting and so on and so forth.    How dare we use online chat to fellow co-workers or team-members in the workplace.   That’s unprofessional!   There are exceptions but the last place you need more things feeling like torture is in an office environment.

Now if the Internet and all it’s chat services is making you lackadaisical, then I am not sure if this applies to you.   The universe likes speed and we like speed.   We shouldn’t always be so deliberate and methodical in how we do things.   This one is hard to explain, but being swift and rushing to get things done are not the same thing.   One is still getting the job done and a quality one at that,  the latter is haphazard and done for the sake of doing.

The days of 9-5 are obsolete and so are the days of chatting on the phone.  It may always exist, but we are in a brave new world.  We must embrace technology and it’s power to have made us work at warp speed (or lazier).  🙂

This post will be followed-up on with a plethora of examples and situations.   But remember, it’s important to stay true to ourselves and always be the same people we always were.   The more things rapidly change, the more we need to stay the same and stay grounded.   If that means limiting phone use than that’s where we are and where we will continue to go.  Thanks.