I don’t want to make any blanket or generic reviews of any online dating sites.   I just want to gloss over the positives and negatives of these sites.

I am a member of match.com, but have not been a subscriber in a few years.  I have been on plenty of dates but  the majority did not go well.  Or else why would I go on so many dates right?    I have made the mistake of going to over-priced restaurants and wining and dining a lot of beautiful women.  Only to never hear from them again.  There is a conspiracy going around that the actual name of this site could be called “freedinners.com”.  (Last I checked that URL was still available by the way)

It took a tragic day, six years ago, for me to give up online dating.   I mistakenly only talked to a girl, based on a photo of her face and nothing else.   Her body type said “A few extra pounds”, so I thought ok, a little heavy, which I don’t mind.  🙂 We hit it off and had a great conversation over the phone.   She lived in Northern Virginia and I lived in Montgomery County at the time.   I used up a lot of daytime minutes on this girl and in hindsight it was worth it.  I proposed we go to a Baltimore Orioles game against the New York Yankees.  She was excited and thought that was the coolest date idea ever.  It is.    But she showed up at my house and I was disgusted.  She was bigger than the “big and beautiful” category you check on.   Instead of being a man, I did the other being a man and went on the date.   But not without a 30 minute shower to decide what the heck am I going to do?  So we went off and I buy her all kinds of Starbucks, like an idiot, on the way.  Those whip cream drinks are good for any weight-loss plan.   She was talking my ear off and I just nodded like a jackass.  We made it to the stadium and I saw ex-girlfriends and other friends I run into shake their head at me.   Now beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that cliche was it’s own cliche.  I was hating life.  I was gone half of the game wondering what the heck I did.  Now I bought her more food; nachos, popcorn, sodas, etc.  and she was loving life.   I was calling my friends to phone in bomb threats to the stadium, so I could leave early.  This is not the act of a man.  I dropped her off and never spoke to her again.

Even the less attractive want free meals.   No more.  That was a lesson learned.  Now I have no problem taking a lovely lady out and treating her, but that’s if I ask her out.  If she asks me out than she could do the honors.  However you do it, a relationship of ANY kind should be reciprocal.   We are equals and no one is entitled to anything, because of social conditioning or the media.  Now you ask, what does this have to do with technology?  Well it has made the dating process easier and maybe harder at the same time.  Women feel they have the upper hand and can screen us guys for as long as they feel they have the looks to do it.   That shelf-life can be short or long, depending on the girl and how well she ages and how she feels about herself.  Sounds misogynistic, but to be fair, not all men age well and become distinguished.

Now I love women, but the majority of the girls on the internet, are just that, girls.   Now I have not given up the online dating scene.  But I expand my horizons and must learn to be still and not try so hard.  Good things come to me.  And not just with a lovely lady but with anything.  The universe is kind if you let it.   Next time I may try this guy’s site, with the 7,300 ways to compatibility.  How can you go wrong?

To be continued…