Thanksgiving is in two days and I feel a renewed sense of life this holiday season.    For the first time in at least a few years I am hopeful.   I always have been optimistic and then deflated from time-to-time by the world around me.  This is the world I created.  As we all have this power to do attract good or otherwise.  Seriously.  And as always, we should be say ‘thanks’, over the course of the year and our entire lives.  Not just over a month, or a one time thing.    It makes a world of difference, in someone else’s life and your own.

What does this have to do with technology?  A lot.  I wouldn’t be able to write this blog post a few years ago.  I would not be a member of Facebook, unless I was in college or not at all.    We wouldn’t have YouTube to enjoy any video or audio track, we so desire.    We would not have electronic mail to make communication that much easier; between family, friends, hiring managers, and businesses.  Which leads to online shopping.   We can literally buy anything we want with a few keystrokes.   This should not be trivialized.   Who thought sometime like eBay would ever come into existence?  The Internet is our friend and our playground.  We can make a living using the World Wide Web.   In a lot of cases, we never have to leave home.  But that isn’t always for the best.  There is still a joy and simplicity in going out to do the things we enjoy.  I could go on and on, and in future posts I will.   There is a lot to be thankful for.   And not just during the holidays.

Remember how it was before we had all this at our disposal?  Neither do I.  Not sure I want to either.   Appreciate that.  Yes.

Which leads me to the downside of the holidays.  It’s not about those gimmicks that corporations (chain restaurants, box stores, etc.),  use to get you to come  in and buy things you don’t need.   But it’s at a great price, so how can you go wrong?  Well it’s nice to get gifts for people but not this way.  If I am in the wrong for saying this, I would love to discuss.  I want to believe that Americans and our society as a whole is evolving.  We don’t need to buy every piece of technology thrown our way, because a brainwashing commercial says so.   We are better than that.  Buy things for yourself and for your peers, because you want to.  Not because you have to or it’s only on sale on a certain day of the year.  I find the term consumer very dehumanizing.    The connotation is one that lacks individuality and creativity.  We are better than that.  You are better than that.

Live within your own system of giving, charing, sharing, and empowering.   I had to bring the negative up to remind us, that this will soon be our past.  We are headed for a future that is hard-to-explain.  But it’s a good one.  I can feel it already.   But our minds, hearts, and technology are going to be our greatest ally and asset, if used properly.  I believe it will.

Happy Thanksgiving!