I will plead the fifth on this.  But it all boils down to how often you use Facebook.

Now if you dislike your job and use it all day, I understand.   You need whatever programs (that aren’t blocked by your dictator-like company) to keep you sane and to make you happy.  Of course there are exceptions.  Some companies can’t deal with all the bandwidth, others are just horrible places to work for.

Remember, Facebook is not all YOU.  It’s only an extension of you.  But you are better off being real than the many that have profiles  that don’t match their true personalities.  And my point is made for me.   It’s good to be yourself at all times.  If you are a good-hearted and genuine person, then be that way all of the time.  Not just on your profile or only in social settings.  Or vice versa.   If you are an asshole, than be an asshole.  Being fake is a horrible character trait.  Am I overstating the obvious?  Of course.  But it’s easy to find who is hollow and transparent.  BE YOURSELF. If you are promoting a website, company, event, etc. then that is different.  You are conducting business.   That is your right.  It’s also your right to be an idiot.  And it’s also your right to be phoney.  Just expect your friends list to decrease and less people wanting to hang out with you.  Or you may attract people just like you.  Who are trying too hard to be trendy and different.  But just end up being ordinary.

I have my hiccups, but I always am myself.  What you see on your computer is what you see with me in real life.  I rather be outside the house than dependent on the technology.  Facebook has so many great things going for it.  It’s great for invitations to events and parties, a quick chat to catch up, to make plans, to like and comment on social matters, and so much more.   It should not be about fake job titles, fake cities you live in, or pretending to be somewhere when you aren’t.  Unless to avoid certain people I understand, how no one should allow it to get to that point 😉

Social media should be about bringing us closer together and understanding that we are one.  The pretentiousness is over.  Even if it exists in small doses, it is over.   I am projecting a lot because I have my own demons.   But be yourself  Be respectful.  That isn’t asking too much.  If you think otherwise, I welcome the argument.

Multiple follow-up posts and examples/scenarios to come.  Thanks!