It’s Projection 101 from yours truly once again.

We are in the holiday season and that will lend itself to lethargic and lackadaisical behavior.    We eat a lot, drink a lot, and spend money we may not have on things we don’t need.  Not always but generally speaking.   This is a blog so I will have time for specifics later.  Just not in this post.

Does technology and all it’s conveniences help aid in you laziness?   Has it made you passive?  In a sense it has spoiled me and spoiled many of us.  I expect things to get done faster.  And I expect to do as little work as possible.   If it only takes 10 seconds then I want to it to take 9 and 8.  I am never satisfied.  If my laptop lags, I get upset.  I expect it to always work all-of-the-time.  If my Smartphone takes too long to find a number or to text someone, I get angry and curse the world.  Why are the numbers and letters taking too long (four seconds instead of one) to pop op on my screen.  Sounds healthy right?

What I just wrote is a true story of me and many of friends.  We are not satisfied to the point that we aren’t comfortable enough in our own complacency.  It’s the oxymoron of all oxymora.

Sloth is one of the Seven deadly sins and for good reason.  Inactivity or wanting such is debilitating and self-sabotaging.  As much as all our new technical gadgets, gizmos, and handhelds are helping us, they are hurting us too.  We get upset when jobs are lost because robots, machines, and programs can do the work faster than humans.  But in our personal lives we expect the same to make our lives easier and if one thing goes wrong, we get upset.  We have meltdowns.  We snap.  We call some idiotic customer service representative (who may be a robot) who is so dumb down and loathes their job, that they could care less about helping us.  And why should they?  They may have had another job (which they loved) taken from them because of technology or shipped overseas.

Remember that not long ago, we didn’t have any of this.  I am bi-polar in this regard.  I know that in the end everything will be ok.   That these are minor circumstances.  No reason to get upset and mad at the world.  I haven’t posted in a week, because of my own laziness, but I’m back and the posts and this blog are going to take off.  Because we are awesome and we are not lazy.  Cheers!

To be continued..