I can’t stop watching this scene from The Great Dictator.

Charlie Chaplin was the king of Silent films, but this was, in my opinion, some of the greatest dialogue ever!  What is even more fascinating, is that this was filmed in 1940.   This was before the end of World War 2, Martin Luther King, the Civil Rights Movement, Malcolm X, the fall of the Berlin Wall, before the Internet, and before 9/11.

This was over 70 years ago and is all-so-important, vital, and relevant today.   So what does this have to do with technology?  Everything.

Since I was in grade school, I have always questioned things.   Hard to believe that anyone would find anything in their textbooks questionable or misleading?  Call it intuition, delusion, or whatever.

There has always been a group of people that find something wrong with our system, our government, and the status quo.  That’s a whole bunch of terms for the same thing.

Before, all we had were late night television, 2 am radio shows, books, obscure articles, and newsletters that tried to shake things up. (to the extent they were allowed to) Then dial-up services came along.  And then we had the explosion of the Internet.

We are finally in a group stream of consciousness or therapy session.  Now I am not talking about counseling.  Well, maybe I am.  What does it matter?  We all need each other.   Human beings are inherently good.  They were born into this world with good in their hearts.  Don’t believe me?  Look at most newborn babies.  They are usually so happy.  That is no accident.

Of course our moods go up-and-down.  We are happy than sad.  Sometimes it just feels natural.  Other times I feel it’s due to mind-control and programming that goes against our natural ways of being.

The technology, movies, television shows, books, magazine articles, radio shows, and music that promote a lot of our differences are going to be a thing of the past.  Yes, it may always exist on a small-scale but that is all about to change.  We are all headed somewhere special.   Even if YOU don’t go through it yourself, the majority of us already are.   We are all the same.  Yes we are.

We are one.  One are we.

The puppet-masters who run this world (and continue to do so, but are losing their grip) played the game too good for themselves.   YouTube and Google for all it’s compromising and corruption via evil outside forces, is still a great source of information and enlightenment.   There is a concern that clips that threaten the establishment, have their Total Views and Likes purposely lowered, and their Dislikes purposely increased.   There is also a disheartening trend of negative comments and assumptions of conspiracy theories are deliberately written (by you know who) to make good thoughts and ideas look foolish.  And  they are written in such a childish and brainwashing way, that it works sometimes.  I said sometimes.  Dogma is a scary thing.   I am guilty of being easily swayed because of past conditioning.  Unfortunately, many of us can lay claim to same.  Whether we care to admit it or not.  The good new is you can free yourself from the Matrix.

We are human beings.  We have feelings.  We are not robots. We are not machines.  No matter how hard the controllers try to dumb us down.   And man did they a good job.  But no more.  They did too good of a job for too long.  It’s over now.   Notice how vague this post is?  I am not giving any specifics since the first paragraph.   And I know a majority of my posts have a, To Be Continued, at the end.  Same goes for this.   But I am going to talk about this one again very soon.