My posts on this blog are not meant to be political in any form or fashion.  As a matter of fact, I have no affiliations with any  party or candidate.  I don’t mean to be wishy-washy. Some I like more than others but for the most part they are the same and end up being as such.  I have no formula about how I post.  One thing I know is, I am finding my stride.  Just like I did with my Orioles blog.  This is a continuation of my previous post, regarding how we are humans and not robots.  Come to think of it, a lot of my posts are roughly on the same wavelength.   I write a whole bunch of different verbiage but the theme is the same.  And it’s meant to be positive.  Technology had a big hand in how the Occupy Wall Street and subsequent groups began, developed, and eventually ended.

Last time I wrote about how there are suspicions of YouTube and Google changing viewer totals of certain videos, and having “people” go in and write deliberately negative comments, that have a different message than one that shepherds the sheep or lemmings (sheeple).   I really have no evidence of this, other than I’ve seen certain counts decrease by a few thousand after refreshing a video or watching it a few hours (or days) later.   Now you could say there is a technical glitch in the system.  It happens.  Technology is not perfect.   And the beauty of America is we  can say whatever we want (well can we?) because of the First Amendment.   It still exists.  So no matter how dreadful or brainwashed comments are, it’s their right to say it.  I just sense some of that is written with the deliberate attempt to undermine a movement or a message that can inspire people.  Insert any any number of organizations here and they may be involved.

I am not trying to convince you that I know this to be fact.  But there are plenty of declassified documents out there, that will tell you that this has been going for years.  Before the Internet.

This clip reaffirms my concerns.  A deliberate commandeering of a peaceful movement that got people thinking.   And fortunately, it has not been removed from YouTube.  And there is another “conspiracy” theory, that certain videos and films that question our government are being taken down deliberately.  Remember that First Amendment?

No matter what you thought of the Occupiers message, they influenced a lot of people.  We have not seen the last of them.  They will come back stronger and with an even more spiritual message of healing and salvation.   I want to believe that.

And by the way, if it wasn’t for YouTube, I would not have seen this footage.  The station RT, previously known as Russia Today, is not available in much of the country.  Living in Baltimore I would not have seen it.   However, it’s available in Washington, DC.   And they are on obscure channels that are not easy to find on your local cable listings.  Maybe it’s for their protection or maybe it’s a deliberate concealing of what they are trying to say.   Similar to a newspaper article that blows the whistle or questions the very things going on in the country.  But they are in section D27, buried in there somewhere.  And the true context of the article is mixed in with a bunch of fishy and all-too-familiar rhetoric.  Now I am ranting, but I hope you get my point.  RT’s motto is “Question More”.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

More on this to come..