Hello World. My name is Benwizzi and i am a tech nerd. I am gonna try my hand at blogging to release all this technology juices bubbling in me. My knowledge in the mobile industry is extensive as I’ve worked for many wireless carriers going all the way back to MCI WorldCom Wireless in the late 90’s. Family & Friends often come to me looking for help with their carrier & cellphone needs despite not having directly worked in the industry since 2007. However, I will not only be focusing on that expertise. I am a chronic BETA tester to tech-related products that you use on your PC, phones etc and love learning new ways to use social media in a smart way. I also always try to stay up to date on tech news and will be sharing my thoughts whenever possible. Hopefully, you will come along for the ride!!

P.S.:Keep in mind, I am not a writer or journalist in any sense. Just remember that if my writing is not up to the level of your favorite author or journalist!!