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iPhone 5, Just Full Of Hype?!

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I want to start by telling those people who know I am a hardcore Android guy; I look at the facts(or rumors) and state what I see. It’s my opinion and you are allowed to have your own. And by looking at the FACTS, the iPhone 5 is not just hype. Honestly, the iPhone 5 has the potential to be the first REAL upgrade from the original iPhone. That’s what competition does. iPhone+3G+8GB=iPhone 3G+the letter S+16GB=iPhone 3GS. There were a few other tweaks with software & hardware but nothing major. iPhone 4 had antenna hardware problems right off the bat but no true multi-tasking!?!? WTF?? Even the dead WebOS can do that, c’mon…And no flash? seriously?

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More and more people are getting their hand on all-purpose smartphones on U.S soil. At this time last year, smartphones accounted for 25 percent of the mobile market. Enter today, they have grown to 40 percent of the market, according to Nielsen. As the price of smartphones continue to decrease, expect these number to increase rather quickly within the next year or so.

U.S. Mobile Market

Q2 2011

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When I look at the iPhone’s success in the mobile wireless industry, it reminds of the Motorola RAZR. People that owned the RAZR always loved to show it off and felt like they had gold in their hand. I sold those phones like hot cakes but I have never owned one. Never had to sell customers on the phone which helped fatten my pockets!!

Now, let’s look at the some of the similarities with the iPhone. Starting with the hardware and manufacturing, both phones were built to appeal to the masses by making their products sexy and appealing. The RAZR was the thinnest phone ever at the time but do you know how many people came crying to me that their screen cracked when they sat on it. Who puts their phone in their back pocket anyway?!?! Apple believes they created the look of current smartphones with the iPhone and are suing everyone they can to protect themselves. Unfortunately, they did very little to do that. They owe their success to Blackberries, Treos (650 specifically) and HTC. HTC has been manufacturing phones far longer than most consumers assume. They used to let the carriers brand their phones with their own carrier name. Remember the T-Mobile MDA? There it is next to the original iPhone.

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