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iPhone vs Android War Visualized! [Video]

I came across this funny commercial on YouTube for Swiss website , a branch of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, and thought I would share it with you guys! I guess they are trying to sell apps for both platforms and pushing the message of peace between them. Here’s their own explanation and video below: released new apps for both Android and iPhone today, along with a short clip stating our neutrality on the subject… and a message of hope for world peace and more understanding among fans. Enjoy.

Source [Youtube]

Here we go again with some pro-Android statistics. You cannot escape the facts and numbers brought to you Nielsen. Looking at the survey of recent acquirers of operating systems, you can clearly see that Android is continuing to put it’s foot down and taking over the mobile market at 43% with 56% in the past 3 months. Blackberry seriously need to get their QNX platform on the shelves before it’s too late. For the past 3 months, they only account for 9% of recent acquirers in the past 3 months whereas they are now at 18% of overall subscribers. Clock is ticking guys and the competition isn’t letting up! iOS is staying steady with their niche market numbers. They hold 28% of the overall subscribers shares and stay at the same percentage for shares of recent acquirers. And with the introduction of a new iPhone 4S or 5 on Oct. 4th, those numbers may increase very quickly.

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CM7 Theme Of The Week (39) [Themes]

Here’s my pick for this week’s CM7 Theme of the Week, Crystal. There are so blue-colored themes out there but this one is very clean and complete. Once again, I have personally tested this theme. I changed themes way too much. It’s an addiction that I need to get help for! There are additional morphs that can be found on the theme thread here Enjoy guys!

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Image representing Zynga as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

If you haven’t heard of Zynga games then you are probably one of those people that’s too cool for Facebook. Zynga has released the most popular games on the biggest social network on the planet. From Farmville to Cityville, you have surely either played one of those games or seen your friends activities from them pop up on your news feed.

Now Zynga is going mobile with this same type of addictive games that have given them success before. With the advent of Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends on the android market, Zynga is putting their footprint in mobile gaming with this same social network integration you would expect from them. You can connect your Zynga accounts from each game to your Twitter or Facebook accounts. I’ve been playing Words with Friends for a Continue reading

CM7 Theme Of The Week (38) [Themes]

This week’s theme of the week Crimson Frost belongs to iamthebigcheeze of . Personally tested by Benwizzi right here. iamtheebigcheeze has a very nice collection of themes and will probably be featured again in our new CM7 Theme of the Week posts. Enjoy! (Links are below the screenshots)


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I haven’t been following Soccer much this season– or Football if you’re not in the US, so I haven’t been messing with those apps on my phone lately. I do have the app now but rarely use it tho.

Please let me know what soccer apps you use and I will take your answers and create a poll from them!! Use your fb or twitter credentials to comment quickly and easily. Or your email will work too


What’s your favorite android sports widget?

It seems like the GO Devs keep saying “I thought I told you that we won’t stop eh eh,eh eh” with their updates on their GO Launcher app. They are coming out with tweaks and new features practically on a weekly basis, which is a big reason I had to leave my old fav LauncherPro. There are the updates to 2.56 and quick screencast of the scroll effects of the app drawer.

  1. (New) Add the landscape mode (Operation settings)
  2.  (New) Supports to slide screens while dragging the icon
  3.  (New) Add 8 scroll effects of app drawer
  4.  (Fix) Fix the default icons issue on dock bar

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What’s Your Favorite Android Sports Widget App?[POLL]

I can say that I’ve played with many sports widgets since I first came to Android but 3 of them stick in my mind; SportsTap, ESPN ScoreCenter and ScoreMobile for Android. Lately, I’ve been using ScoreMobile and think I will stick with it unless a better sports widget comes out. How about yall? You can add your own apps if not listed. You are free to comment below to explain your choice using your Facebook or Twitter credentials.

Golf Lesson + V1 Golf App [iPhone-Android App]

The other day, I had my first golf lesson that actually got rained out and cut 10 minutes short. It went pretty well. I am actually further along to getting my swing straight than I originally thought. I am not sure if my coach was hyping my head up or not but regardless I learned so much in that short 50 minute lesson. But I definitely found a cool app that he used to shoot a video of my swing. Of course, he had to pick one of my worst swings of Continue reading

Rooting 101: Trials And Tribulations

Image representing Nexus One as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

Well yesterday my buddy came over so I could root his dated Nexus One. He had thought about it for a couple of months and finally decided to pull the trigger. I basically did what I always do when rooting a new phone and headed straight for the xda-developers forum to find the Nexus One development thread. Proceeded to go the stickied thread for the beginner guide and get the ball rolling. I found the right post with all the instructions, started the process of installing SuperOneClick and Continue reading

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