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Too Dependent on Facebook?

I will plead the fifth on this.  But it all boils down to how often you use Facebook.

Now if you dislike your job and use it all day, I understand.   You need whatever programs (that aren’t blocked by your dictator-like company) to keep you sane and to make you happy.  Of course there are exceptions.  Some companies can’t deal with all the bandwidth, others are just horrible places to work for.

Remember, Facebook is not all YOU.  It’s only an extension of you.  But you are better off being real than the many that have profiles  that don’t match their true personalities.  And my point is made for me.   It’s good to be yourself at all times.  If you are a good-hearted and genuine person, then be that way all of the time.  Not just on your profile or only in social settings.  Or vice versa.   If you are an asshole, than be an asshole.  Being fake is a horrible character trait.  Am I overstating the obvious?  Of course.  But it’s easy to find who is hollow and transparent.  BE YOURSELF. Continue reading

You Can Never Have Enough ‘Facebook’ Friends?

This is not a race.   Not a competition.  And not a battle.   For most of us, we don’t allow that to be so.   However, there is something in our subconscious that may say otherwise. Continue reading

Talking On The Phone = Boring?

I speak personally on this one.   A lot of my peers do not like talking on their phones anymore.  Maybe they never actually did? Continue reading

Your #1 Star – Twitter?

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of professional wrestling.   When I was little, I equally watched the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) now known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), along with a slew of other wrestling companies.  There were the guys I worshiped and the guys I loathed.   For a short time, I did believe it was real.  Then I woke up.  For the past 20 years, I have become a fan of the inside of the business.  (real names, salaries, backstage politics, advanced storylines,, etc.)  And I have seen the ups and downs.   If you want me to talk about wrestling, I will do that another time.  But  this has to do with the recent company’s interest and now obsession with Twitter.

I am already perturbed with the term ‘Social Media’, but it’s hear to stay.   But the WWE felt it was necessary to join in the frenzy.  And if it’s good for business then more to them.   It has worked in small doses.  After pay-per-views or during Monday Night Raw and Smackdown; they promote topics, wrestler names, or other items that are trending topics on Twitter.   A decent amount of wrestlers in the company have accounts on there.

It was ok at first.  Now it’s taking away from the product.  The announcers are discussing trending topics and followers more so than the wrestling match going on in the ring.  There are the big blue graphics which promote which wrestler or related item is “trending”.   These terms are aggravating me as I type them.  Not everyone cares about who is tweeting or if such-and-such wrestler can get to a million followers by the end of the program.   There is a storyline between two commentators having a tweeting war!  Are you kidding me?  Apparently it’s not good enough to have it in the ring or physically on the air.  It has to be via an online platform.   Idiocy. Continue reading

Don’t Want to Grow Up? Fine!

It’s been about a week since I last posted.  I apologize for the delay.

I have projected a lot about myself in my posts and this should be similar.  However, I think many will relate here.  As pessimistic as I come off, what I say is meant with good intentions.

For the many negatives that Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other various Social Media may convey, there is a lot to be thankful for.

When Facebook first debuted it was a platform for mainly college students.  That disappeared quickly.  Myspace was geared towards younger folks and in hindsight seemed convoluted and incomplete.  Now you have young kids to the young-at-heart enjoying the benefits of these services.  This is how it should have been from the get-go, but you live and learn.

I know some of us feel uncomfortable with our parents, grand-parents, or kids using it along with us, but that is one of the perks as well.  (The privacy and blocking features help too.)

But when I see folks of all ages, shapes, sizes, creeds, colors, (or any other unnecessary demographic you come up with) posting photos and status updates about their lives, it’s a good thing.  There is room for everybody.  And contrary to popular belief, there has always been room.  If it makes you fulfilled and feel good, then more power to you.  This is what life is all about.

Younger folks post images of VIP Bottle Service and others post photos of their kid’s first night out trick-or-treating  on Halloween or their first Christmas.   In-between you’ll get random photos of dishes from a fancy restaurant or traffic jams on the interstate.  It may comes off self-serving or narcissistic, but this is the world we live in.  And if it brings joy and positivity, there is nothing but good that can come out of it.

We should be so thankful we live in the age that we do.  If this were 10-20+ years ago, a lot of us would end up with the same lives as everyone else.  Because of the influences from mainstream media and the systems that “run” (ran?) our society, most of us would be lemmings or sheep.   And many of us still are.  But something is changing.  It’s a great sign that people are awakening to the fact that there an infinite amount of ways to live a life.  The Internet and a natural awareness in our consciousness has changed all that.  We are headed somewhere special and the rest of the ride is going to be magnificent.   If you want to be young forever, you can.  In any you want to.  Just don’t hurt anybody! 🙂   I understand I’m writing with a lot of vague commentary and ambiguities.   But once again, I will elaborate on this in the future.   I will have to.

Dennis Ritchie – Heard of Him?

Well until this past Sunday, neither did I.    He was found deceased, last Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at the young age of 70.  It’s only because a friend of mine posted an article on Facebook, from Incept Design based out of Tampa, Florida.  Here is the link,  for your review and education.

I am guilty as well, but I stand to right my wrongs and give the man his credit. He deserves as much, if not more praise, than Steve Jobs.

The guy created Unix.  You know, which powers the Internet?  That’s pretty important right?  He created C, the language that many of us have used at some point in our lives.   How often do we ask where these programs come from.  Who made them?    This is serious.

Now look at the picture above.  Does this gentleman scream charisma and personality like Mr. Jobs does?   Well that’s open to interpretation.  But there is nary any mention in the mainstream media of this guy.  I’m disappointed in myself because I thrive on giving all the originators, creators, and brilliant minds their credit.  I am also a big fan of underdogs.

I am not going to try and act like I knew who this guy was, or champion all his accomplishments.  But the underlying concern is, we don’t show the proper respect to the folks that deserve it.   Steve Jobs did a lot of good things in the world.  He also charmed the heck out of a lot of people.  He knew how to talk, carry himself, and had the confidence to achieve anything.  That’s an understatement.

It’s the world we live in.  Maybe the quiet ones don’t want all the headlines, recognition, and notoriety.  All under-the-radar, they do the intense work and labor, the long hours, and rather enjoy their results in anonymity.  All-the-while, the good talkers get all the credit.   This is not meant to persuade you in any way.  However, the tributes for Mr. Jobs were anything but sporadic.    Lots of statements regarding his vision and groundbreaking products are justified.   But we should spread the love wherever we can.  There have been a lot of people who have done great things in this world, and should be recognized.  Even if they don’t want to be.  The fact that some choose to remain invisible, shows they are the ones who deserve the most praise.    Sadly, it took his death for me to get to know more about him.   It’s a life lesson; give respect to your colleagues, your friends, your family, your pets, professionals you admire, and all other loved ones while they are in your life today.   Don’t find out when it’s too late.  Whether it’s through an obscure headline, website, or second-hand information.  You will love yourself and the wonderful people in your life that much more.

Can you go back 15 to 20 years back and recall using your computer and for what exactly?

I can give you some reminders.  Back in the mid-to-late 90’s we had all kinds of great dial-up systems.  Some of these will resonate :

Prodigy, CompuServe, Delphi, Sierra Network, Playnet, Quantum Link, and a host of others.  How about Bulletin Board Systems! (BBS’S) Were any of you a Sysop or Co-Sysop of a BBS?  I get goose bumps as I write these terms.   The old modem dialing out and logging on gives me chills as well.  This was Social Media before the term was coined.  And I have issues with that term.  I will talk about that another time.

You had your 2400, 4800,  and 9600 baud modems.  We thought they were so fast and revolutionary,  At the time they were. And we learned to be patient and remain still, when waiting to download are favorite Freeware, Shareware, and Pirated 🙂 software.   When the 14.4 modem debuted we went crazy, then the 28.8, 33.6, 56k etc.    The speed got faster and we tried to keep up.  And in many ways we got faster.  I am projecting onto you how I feel.  I sometimes still feel the Internet is too slow.  That’s my own impatience.  I wonder if I was indoctrinated to believe everything should be faster.  In a conscious and unconscious state I was.   Even as I type this, I expect this to be as fast as I want it to be.   It’s as if I will never be satisfied.  Now how many others am I speaking for?

Will things ever slow down?  Do they need to slow down?  Should they?  For the benefit of humanity, maybe it’s for the best.  I’m not trying to sound doom-and-gloom here.  But what is the rush?   I know the big computer, cellular phone, and media companies need to promote the next big thing and make gigantic profits, with the next gizmo and gadget, we may or may not actually need.   In this case, do all good (good?) things come to an end.

I am noticing a plateauing of behavior by my peers.  There is a sentiment and understanding, that this may not be sustainable.   I have no evidence to support this.  I just have my intuition and a feeling, that this can only go so far.  Some of my friends are in agreement.  It doesn’t mean I am right.

My main concern is, what if the power grids and satellites blacked out one night.   It may take very little (or a lot) for something to happen in the universe, where technology could go in reverse or retroactive.  Are we mature enough and patient enough to remember how it used to be?     I’m not saying it’s going to happen.  And this is not meant to be a negative piece.  I am happy we have evolved but at what price to humanity?  There is a lot of good that comes with it.   I want to focus on that.   However, like many objects, does the world run on batteries too?    In future posts I will talk about how the reliance on technology has been good and not-so-good.  🙂  I will also talk about the online services of the past.  Some were brilliant and ahead of its time.

Thank you!

Hello everyone. My name is Ideen Barimani or IBarimani for short on the blog. How’s it going?

I wrote a blog, that you can see on the right side of your screen, called All 81. It has been a personal goal of mine to try to go to every Baltimore Orioles home game this season. And I am thankful I was able to do it. And I am grateful to all of my friends who helped me along the way. And I do need to give kudos to Facebook and Foursquare as well.

We have rapidly expanded as a society and technology is in such a hurry. Does there need to be this sense of urgency? Well fortunately for me, it benefited me this season.

The Facebook check-in feature allows people to announce where they are and with whom they are with. Now this information is completely voluntary. It’s addicting and contagious. In future posts I’ll discuss why this is good and bad. Instead of calling, texting, or messaging friends to let them know where we are to tell them to come out, it simplifies the process. The good part is, people know to come to you and where to find you. The bad part Continue reading

More Pokes At Facebook’s New Makeover [Humor]

I’ll let these speak for themselves!

Source [Someecards, Endlessorigami]

Facebook has worked hard to give their platform a whole new look. Usually, Facebook has made small tweaks here and there. However, this is a huge step to make their platform more seamless and complete. The changes are so involved that there has been the usual backlash when FB makes changes. Personally, I find all these changes necessary for them to evolve and keep up with the technologies that are available. I will dive in and show you what’s coming and an insight to understand why.

This is the screen you will see when first upgrading your profile to the Timeline. (Probably without the Developer Release headline)

Clicking on Learn More will Continue reading

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