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Talking On The Phone = Boring?

I speak personally on this one.   A lot of my peers do not like talking on their phones anymore.  Maybe they never actually did? Continue reading

Damn!!! There’s been so many updates recently between Google+ and Facebook that I don’t even know where to start. Nobody wants to get caught like Victor Ortiz and get knocked the f*&^ out! Protect yourself at all times right? Honestly, the best thing to happen to Facebook recently has been Google+. It actually made Facebook take their head out of their you know what and step their game up.

My biggest qualm with FB has always been their privacy controls being hidden like I am supposed to go Easter egg hunting?!?! However, every time FB makes major changes people act like they lost a kidney. Only new feature I am not too fond of is the stalker tool on the top right of your screen. It’s good and it’s bad! I’ll be looking more in-depth at the changes on FB later this week hopefully. I am waiting till their f8 conference on Thursday where they will be announcing some big new features to their platform. Other than that, they are doing things they should’ve been doing a long time ago because Google+ is the new kid in town and he’s not shy about strutting his stuff!

Google+, on the other hand, is keeping the pressure on facebook and got out of trial mode to land in beta world. And opening their service to the world without needing an invitation. They’ve also improved other services or features. There’s one specifically that I didn’t understand which was not being able to share images in their mobile Huddle app. Well, now they’ve changed the name to Messenger and have added that option. Also, in Google+ Hangouts, you can now broadcast which is a workaround for the 10 person audience limit to the feature. I am sure there are other features I am missing but sue me!

All in all, this one is not ending in the 4th round guys like Mayweather vs Ortiz!! It’s going the distance! Stay tuned!!

This is an interesting study brought to you by Nielsen. According to the study, it seems like the top 6 used Android apps are the same for men & women. However, Google Maps & Google Search drop to 4th & 5th in the women from 2nd & 4th, respectively. While on the other hand, Facebook jumps from 5th in the men’s’ to 2nd in the women’s which doesn’t surprise me honestly.

When you go further down, similar apps appear in both gender Continue reading

In this heavyweight battle reminiscent of the Thrilla in Manila where you have in the right corner in blue trunks Facebook (Muhammad Ali)– And in the left corner in colorful trunks w/ blue, yellow,green and red, you have Google+(Joe Frazier)!!

Facebook knows it’s way ahead in this fight but Google’s resources are making a serious push in the social networking with Google+, still in “trial beta”.

The latest round features the battle for your browser. Google+  just launched their official Google +1 chrome extension yesterday where you can +1 any page you visit on the web just by clicking on their button in your extensions tab. Still early but you cannot comment or share your +1 directly on your wall at this point. You can also see the number of +1 on the button itself. Grab it here.

In the other corner, Facebook has just released their own official chrome Like extension today which does exactly the same things. As of right now, the Like extension is a bit better. Once you’ve liked a page a text box pops up to comment on your Like. Grab it here.

Which round are we in again?

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