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During my absence from the blog, the Android Market reached 10 billion downloads. 10 billion downloads!! Within a 6 month period alone, the Market had 4 billion downloads. This feat is a testament to the engine that could with the Android platform. I bet if I counted how many apps I have downloaded from the Market since I’ve joined the Android platform, some people’s mouth would drop open. Developers used to first create an app for iOS (iPhone) then move on to Android. However my friend, those times are changing rather quickly. Now, I am not talking about profitability here. That’s a whole another subject for another day. Check the numbers Google was nice enough to display for us here and broke it down a bit for y’all. Enjoy!



Source [AndroidGuys]

This is an interesting study brought to you by Nielsen. According to the study, it seems like the top 6 used Android apps are the same for men & women. However, Google Maps & Google Search drop to 4th & 5th in the women from 2nd & 4th, respectively. While on the other hand, Facebook jumps from 5th in the men’s’ to 2nd in the women’s which doesn’t surprise me honestly.

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Before I get too deep into ROMs and kernels, let me give you a quick breakdown on the must have root apps. Some of these apps I live and die for. Literally, I don’t know what to do w/ my rooted phone without them.

Root Checker (Free)

This is a must-have for 1st time rooters and even for the veterans messing with different kernels. The name of the app basically is exactly what it does. It checks if your phone is rooted and if busybox is installed. [Market Link]

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