The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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We cried OH NO!! LOCKOUT!!…But we lucked out and the NFL has arrived on time baby. And that means all of us Fantasy owners have their sunday hobby back in effects!! I am in 4 leagues: 2 on, 1 on and 1 on It’s not easy to keep up with them all but thank god they all have Android apps to make it easier on me. Make sure to get yours!! All of them are similar to their 2010 offerings except for Yahoo’s. They just made a sweet update to make their app more user-friendly and they accomplished that. And also, ESPN’s app is free this year instead of that $5.99(I think) they were charging last year. Go get your apps below so I don’t kick your butt too hard in my leagues!!

Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’11

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