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I will tell you I have an obsession with Google Chrome extensions just like I did with Firefox before. Unfortunately, Firefox suffered from serious initial load up times and other hiccups. I think that I am starting to have the same issues with Chrome too. However, I have gotten so accustomed to using these extensions that I can’t live without them. I will share some of these with you today!


The Web of Trust extension shows you which websites people trust for safe surfing, shopping and searching on the web.

This has to be on everyone browser. It’s an added protection against going on a virus infested website. All these virus links people post on Facebook everyday shows me a red circle that they’re not safe and all I have to do is avoid them. Pretty easy!!

 Google Share Button

Use the Share extension to share webpages via your Continue reading

In this heavyweight battle reminiscent of the Thrilla in Manila where you have in the right corner in blue trunks Facebook (Muhammad Ali)– And in the left corner in colorful trunks w/ blue, yellow,green and red, you have Google+(Joe Frazier)!!

Facebook knows it’s way ahead in this fight but Google’s resources are making a serious push in the social networking with Google+, still in “trial beta”.

The latest round features the battle for your browser. Google+  just launched their official Google +1 chrome extension yesterday where you can +1 any page you visit on the web just by clicking on their button in your extensions tab. Still early but you cannot comment or share your +1 directly on your wall at this point. You can also see the number of +1 on the button itself. Grab it here.

In the other corner, Facebook has just released their own official chrome Like extension today which does exactly the same things. As of right now, the Like extension is a bit better. Once you’ve liked a page a text box pops up to comment on your Like. Grab it here.

Which round are we in again?

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