Boxes for: Original 8GB iPhone, 16GB iPhone 3G...

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I want to start by telling those people who know I am a hardcore Android guy; I look at the facts(or rumors) and state what I see. It’s my opinion and you are allowed to have your own. And by looking at the FACTS, the iPhone 5 is not just hype. Honestly, the iPhone 5 has the potential to be the first REAL upgrade from the original iPhone. That’s what competition does. iPhone+3G+8GB=iPhone 3G+the letter S+16GB=iPhone 3GS. There were a few other tweaks with software & hardware but nothing major. iPhone 4 had antenna hardware problems right off the bat but no true multi-tasking!?!? WTF?? Even the dead WebOS can do that, c’mon…And no flash? seriously?

The hype is for real 3 fold and I Continue reading