Rooting your Android will give you full root access to modify your phone and enhance your user experience. You’ll be able to fully customize the look of your phone and fully take advantage of the hardware that comes with it– the same way you have full control of your pc computer.(i.e. Admin user controls) That’s it in a nutshell.

Before I say why I decided rooting, let me talk about my experience with purchasing my first Android phone. I upgraded to the Samsung Moment in January 2010. I had to have a physical keyboard because all my phones since 2005 had one. I was very excited about this. I hadn’t had a smartphone in a couple of years and it was about time to give up on those “messaging” devices. The phone was very cool at first but then the headaches started. Battery life was terrible, I mean terrible!! I had constant problems with receiving or sending text messages,  phone calls and airplane would always turn itself on without my input. Continue reading