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Bloomberg Sports I know some of you fantasy experts might be too smart or cool to try this out but Bloomberg has come out with a great tool to give you an edge in your fantasy league with Decision Maker. I shared this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago but completely forgot to look into further and check it out. An old buddy mentioned to me that he clicked on my shared link, signed up and loved it. I immediately went back to the site and signed up myself to check it out.

Decision Maker

Bloomberg Sports Decision MakerBloomberg seems to do a great job in collecting as much data as possible and let you know who you should start on your based on every possible stats and conditions you can imagine. It’s probably too late for you to try it out today(maybe you’ll have time before your part 2 of afternoon games :P) but for only $9.95 for the season, put your ego to the side and check it out. You probably won’t regret it. You can thank me in the comment box below or be an ass and not! Good luck!! By the way, they do have an app for your iPhone or iPad!

Decision Maker

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What’s Your Favorite Android Sports Widget App?[POLL]

I can say that I’ve played with many sports widgets since I first came to Android but 3 of them stick in my mind; SportsTap, ESPN ScoreCenter and ScoreMobile for Android. Lately, I’ve been using ScoreMobile and think I will stick with it unless a better sports widget comes out. How about yall? You can add your own apps if not listed. You are free to comment below to explain your choice using your Facebook or Twitter credentials.

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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We cried OH NO!! LOCKOUT!!…But we lucked out and the NFL has arrived on time baby. And that means all of us Fantasy owners have their sunday hobby back in effects!! I am in 4 leagues: 2 on ESPN.com, 1 on NFL.com and 1 on Yahoo.com. It’s not easy to keep up with them all but thank god they all have Android apps to make it easier on me. Make sure to get yours!! All of them are similar to their 2010 offerings except for Yahoo’s. They just made a sweet update to make their app more user-friendly and they accomplished that. And also, ESPN’s app is free this year instead of that $5.99(I think) they were charging last year. Go get your apps below so I don’t kick your butt too hard in my leagues!!

Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’11

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