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Next Time I’ll Use Brown Rice

The Saturday before Halloween, I became part of the not-so-exclusive club that has become victims of dropping their phone in the toilet.  Ordinarily, I would panic and act as if the world was coming to an end.   Continue reading

I plead guilty to all allegations of conspiracy.

This has become  quite the phenomena.   I have a Motorola Droid X, which is diddly squat on battery life.   I need to make sure I have my cell phone charger in my car (along with my car charger), so I can plug it in when I need to.

Thankfully, I am friends with certain bar and restaurant managers, bartenders, hotel managers, and other various hospitality employees, that I can get away with asking to use their electrical outlets.   I refer to them as holes.  🙂

When I am at a friend’s house, I find the nearest outlet and plug away.   The irony is, I am not always on my phone.  The battery life is an absolute travesty for Droid X. Now I know there are Extended Battery Pack’s, but why the need to make us spend more money?   The point is already made for me.

I have been involved in deep and profound conversations, but have to check on my phone to make sure it’s no longer in the orange (under 30%) and headed towards the green.  I have seen other folks doing this and it’s a hilarious, yet disturbing trend.  In the middle of dinner and drinks, let me just check on my phone and see how it’s doing.  🙂  What have I become?  What have we become?  Wow.

Now do other phones have terrible battery life?  I know the iPhone has a great reputation for extended battery times.   I have been with Verizon for nearly 10 years.  I feel a loyalty to them but not sure they are deserving.  I may have to switch from Android to the iPhone, the next time I am eligible.

Anyone dealing with this existential issue?  I would love to hear other stories.  Thanks!

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Unless you’ve been too caught up in your world, you have probably heard of the proposed merger between AT&T & T-Mobile USA, the U.S.-based subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, back in March. AT&T would acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion and we would be left with 3 major carriers with Sprint being a very distant 3rd place. There have been arguments from both sides of the fence but speaking from a consumer’s perspective, if the merger goes through would be detrimental for us, the consumers!

Ok ok…What’s the news already? The U.S. Justice Department has filed a complaint to block this proposed merger. The hammer is coming down! If you understand the mobile wireless market, you can understand that this merger would reduce competition and increase the cost to the consumers. NOT GOOD! Verizon and AT&T, 1st & 2nd respectively on the U.S. market, already have the most costly plans so there would be less incentive for them to compete with the more economical options like T-Mobile itself and Sprint.  Continue reading

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